Make an entrance; Jazz up your front door

A little effort can create a big first impression

RENOVATING? FURNISHING? Don’t forget the front door. After all, first impressions count.

A pleasing entrance that reflects your personality – and hints at your decorating style – will make you feel good every time you leave the house or come home. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are six ideas.

modern country entrance front door
modern country entrance front door

idea 1: charming!

The theme: modern country

Are you after an entrance that looks cheery whether it’s winter or summer? If your exterior walls are white and you have greenery, a front door painted in sunshiny yellow can look delightful. Add a bright gingham curtain, sky-blue doormat and dramatic pow-dercoated orange lamp post and you get a funky country feel.

Hints at Chooks out the back.

Idea 2: colour confidence

The theme: chic modern

Team dark walls with bright lime for striking effect. Mix in sleek chrome and you’ve got a super-chic entrance. On door window, a simple frosted panel lets light come flowing into the hallway while preserving privacy. The sculptural mirrored aluminium wall decal is designed for outdoor use; you can also buy feather-shaped designs.

beautiful entrance wood front door
beautiful entrance wood front door

Hints at… A quirky and minimalist modern decorating style inside.

Idea 3: natural

The theme: rustic organic

Be inspired by nature. Give a plain door interest by using a natural wood stain and then apply a stencilled leaf motif. (Leave at least a day between staining the door and applying the stencil to allow the stain to cure.) Fixtures such as a bamboo-look bronze door pull, timber-look door-number plaque and earth-toned accessories complete the look. Directional diffused lighting close to the entrance bestows a welcoming glow as you arrive home.

Hints at A calming interior filled with organic shapes and natural colours, textures and materials.

Idea 4 Bolid statement

The theme: primary colours Be bold with colour! Use strong shades to breathe life into a bland housefront. Choose a flyscreen in unfinished timber and paint it yourself to match it to your door. Finish with bright useful objects and rainbow mat.

Hints at… A home full of confident colour-blocking in furniture, artworks and accessories.

idea 5 here I am!

The theme: classy contemporary Sleek and modern finds a graphic expression in oversized gloss-painted black door numbers. It’s dramatic and subtle at the same time.

Stylist Front door
Stylist Front door

Hints at An interior that mixes lacquered/shiny surfaces with edgy furniture and bright pops of colour.

idea 6: opposite attract

The theme: colour contrast For striking results, paint the detailing on your panelled door the same colour as the walls. You can chip a little of the paintwork from the pre-existing wall and take it into your paint store to colour match. And you don’t have to be limited to the standard numbers sold in hardware stores. We added an additional layer of contrast in the form of reflective house numbers. We previewed and ordered our “50” numbers from Numbers 1 using its online image generator.


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