TIP #1: Do not call from your house - unless you plan
to call once and to be polite. Otherwise this constitutes
harassment. However - you can call each and every
extension once perfectly legally (this is like 800 calls!)

TIP #2: If you choose to call repeatedly, do not speak
while on the phone. They could be recording the calls - and
you don't want to be busted and harassed for life because
of a phone call, right? Also - the silent breather is a classic.
SO creepy.

TIP #3: Pick one number and stick to it. Make a new friend and
keep checking in with him/her.

TIP #4: This is a business - so call during business hours. Some choose to call
after hours to fill up the voicemail boxes of their "friend".
This is probably against the law - so we can't recommend it.

Most of all - Have fun. Smashing vivisection is a labor of love!

You can download the Forest directory [excel document] + here +

or see an html version + here +

If you want to email people at Forest [this launches your default email program], just

OR use the below easy Select+Copy to Paste FOREST INTERNAL EMAILS in you webmail:

SELECT + COPY to clipboard
Animal Defense League - Long Island Partners

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