William Candee III is a director, secretary, and lawyer to Forest Labs Inc. As a major player in the Forest Heirarchy he can decide wether or not Forest Labs continues it's contract with HLS cruelty. As long as Forest continues to outsource to Huntingdon, he is our target, along with every one of his supporters and business partners!

He also works for the law firm Rivkin Radler located in EAB Plaza, Uniondale, Long Island. Rivkin has offices in NYC, Long Island, NJ, and CA.

Please everyone reading this send a few e-mails to William Candee's co-workers(especially the ones out of the LI office) and tell them they work with a puppykiller! You can also call them on the phone. I wonder what 'Old William' will think when the buzz at the office is about how he supports a disgusting place like HLS?

Maybe it's time to drop HLS?

Animal Defense League - Long Island Partners

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